Standard Terms and Conditions for Holiday Lettings,
July 2014


These pages (together with the documents referred to on them) tell you the terms and conditions on which a property (Property) listed on our website (our site) is let to you. Please read these terms and conditions carefully before booking any Property from our site. You should understand that by booking a Property, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

You should print a copy of these terms and conditions for future reference. Please check the box indicating that you have read and accept these terms and conditions. Please understand that if you refuse to accept these terms and conditions, you will not be able to let a Property from our site.


1. CONTRACT: Please read these booking conditions carefully as they, together with the specific information about your confirmed accommodation, form the basis of your contract with – operated by PK. Novel Zone Limited (hereafter called Thalassa Villas). PK. Novel Zone Limited is registered in Cyprus under company number 1216349E and with our registered office at 3 Aitolon Street, 7100 Aradippou, Larnaca, CYPRUS.


2. PRICES: We reserve the right to alter any of our advertised accommodation prices. You will be advised of the applicable price of the accommodation that you wish to book before your contract is confirmed. All prices include any applicable Value Added Tax or other Sales Tax.

3. MAKING A BOOKING AND PAYMENT: When you have chosen your accommodation and you make a request to us to book it, you must pay a deposit of 25% of the cost of the booking. Your booking is confirmed and a contract between us exists when we issue our confirmation invoice email. Please check your confirmation carefully and report any incorrect or incomplete information to us immediately. Please ensure that names are exactly as stated in the relevant passport. If you have paid a deposit, the balance of the cost of your accommodation can be paid - Any time prior to arrival by credit/debit card.  In cash in Euros, or by credit/debit card at our check in property on the day of arrival.

If your booking is for 1 month, we will require full payment 30 days in advance of your arrival date.

If your booking is for 2 months or longer, we will require full payment 60 days in advance of your arrival date.

The cost of your accommodation does not include any extra chargeable services that you may use whilst at the accommodation. These are payable direct to the company.

4. YOUR RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR BOOKING: When you make a booking you guarantee that you have the authority to accept and do accept on behalf of your party the terms of these booking conditions. This means that you are responsible for making all payments due, notifying us if any changes or cancellations are required and for receiving the confirmation and keeping your party informed.

5. INSURANCE: It is your responsibility to ensure that you are adequately insured. We strongly recommend that you take out insurance, which should include cover against the cost of cancellation by you and assistance (including repatriation) in the event of accident or illness.

6. PASSPORTS, VISAS, DOCUMENTATION, and HEALTH REQUIREMENTS: You are responsible for all members of your party’s travel and health documentation (passports, driving licenses, vehicle registration documents, Visa, motor insurance etc.) and for any consequences arising from failure to carry correct documentation with all relevant passport or visa requirements. If you or any member of your party has any medical problem or disability that may affect your stay, please tell e-mail at before booking so that we can advise as to the suitability of the chosen arrangements. If we reasonably feel unable to properly accommodate the particular needs of the person concerned, we must reserve the right to decline to accept your booking. Please note that we may subsequently cancel your booking if full details are not given at the time of booking.

7. IF YOU WANT TO CHANGE YOUR BOOKING: After our confirmation has been issued, any requests for changes must be sent to us in writing, by email or post, by the person that made the booking. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate your request but we will try to do so.

8. IF YOU WANT TO CANCEL YOUR BOOKING: The person that made the booking must put this in writing to us, by email or post. Because we incur costs in cancelling confirmed bookings, particularly if cancellations occur close to arrival date, you will be charged a cancellation fee. Cancellation fees: If you cancel (this is the date on which we receive your written notice of cancellation during the hours of 0900hrs to 1800hrs Monday to Friday).

- More than 120 days prior to your arrival date: you will lose your deposit.

- Between 120 and 60 days prior to your arrival date: 25% of the total accommodation rent.

- Between 59 and 30 days prior to your arrival date: 50% of the total accommodation rent.

- 29 days or less you will be charged the full accommodation cost.

9. IF WE CHANGE OR CANCEL YOUR BOOKING: We reserve the right to change or cancel your booking. Subject to the note below, if we make a change and you don’t want to accept it, you can take any alternative accommodation we are able to offer you (you will pay the increase in cost if the replacement is advertised at a higher price than your original booking, or receive a refund of the difference if it is less expensive) or a refund of the money you’ve paid to us. This does not apply where the change is not material. Examples of non-material changes include, but are not limited to, temporary withdrawal of facilities or seasonal unavailability of amenities e.g. breakdown of mechanical equipment such as pumps, boilers, swimming pool filtration systems, and the failure of public utilities such as water and electricity. In the event of discharge or our liability shall be limited to the return of the sums paid to us in respect to the unused portion of the holiday calculated on a pro rata daily basis. Subject to the note below, if we have to cancel, again we may be able to offer you an alternative. If you accept it, you would pay the difference if it was advertised at a higher price than your original accommodation, or receive a refund of the difference if it was advertised at a lower price. Or we will refund the monies you have paid us for your accommodation. We will not be responsible to pay any compensation following a change or a cancellation by us. Any amendment or cancellation fees you incur in terms of other arrangements you have made with other providers under separate contracts are not claimable from us.

Note: If a change or cancellation occurs because of circumstances beyond our control, for example war, threat of war riot or civil strife, industrial dispute, terrorist activity (threatened or actual) and its consequences, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions, flood, epidemic or pandemic illness, action at an airport or port by any governmental or public authority, temporary, technical, mechanical or electrical breakdown with your accommodation or and all similar situations amounting to ‘force majeure’, we will have no liability to you. No compensation, costs, expenses or any other sums, including the cost of securing alternative accommodation will be paid by us.

10. OUR RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR BOOKING: We have a duty to select the accommodation with reasonable skill and care. We have no liability to you for the actual provision of the accommodation, except in cases where it is proved that we have breached that duty and damage to you has been caused. Therefore, providing we have selected the accommodation with reasonable care and skill, we will have no liability to you for anything that happens at the accommodation or any acts or omissions of the provider or others. We also have no liability in the following situations:

1. where the accommodation cannot be provided as booked due to circumstances beyond our control (see the Note in clause 8)

2. where you incur any loss or damage that could not have been foreseen at the time of your booking, based on the information provided by you.

3. where you incur any loss or damage that relates to any business activity.

4. where any loss or damage relates to any services which do not form part of our contract with you.

11. FINANCIAL PROTECTION: The monies you pay to us for your accommodation are protected. This means that, if in the unlikely event of our insolvency your accommodation can't be provided, you will receive your money back or, if your stay has started, arrangements will be made for you to be able to continue as planned.

12. CHECK-IN AND CHECK-OUT: Check-in is normally after 16.00hrs (4pm) local time. Check-out is by 10.00hrs (10am) local time. Failure to vacate the accommodation by 10.00hrs (10am) local time, will result in a charge of EUR 100.00 for the first hour and a further EUR 75.00 for each hour thereafter, being taken, from firstly your security deposit and secondly from your credit/debit card.

We operate a key box system at our check in office should you arrive and our office be closed. Upon departure from the accommodation, it is the clients’ responsibility to ensure that safes are left open, all doors and windows are closed, and all door keys and remote controls for gates and doors are returned to us or to the owner. An administration charge and replacement value of lost items and resetting codes on safes will be deducted from firstly your security deposit or secondly an invoice will be sent to you. PLEASE NOTE THERE IS ONLY ONE KEY PER PROPERTY FOR YOU, THE GUESTS.

13. OWNER REQUESTED DAMAGE COVER FOR ALL PROPERTIES: We have learned that our vacationers do not travel thousands of kilometres to damage accommodation. At the same time experience tells us that accidents can and do happen. All of our accommodation owners require some form of damage insurance to safeguard their properties. Thalassa Villas request a refundable SECURITY DEPOSIT of EUR 300.00 for a villa and EUR 150.00 for an apartment, to cover the cost of any damages or breakages to or at the property. This must be paid on the day of your arrival at our check in office by credit/debit card. If no damages or breakages have been caused, your card will be refunded. This can take up to 28 days.


The cost of other services used by you (if chargeable) or any damage caused by you will be deducted from the security deposit and the remaining balance will be returned to you. If the security deposit paid by you is not sufficient to cover the cost of such services or damage Thalassa Villas is entitled to recover any additional costs from you.

If you move any furniture around the accommodation you must return it before you vacate. Failure to do so will result in EUR 100.00 charge.

In the unlikely event there is any dispute as to the amount of final charges to be deducted from the security deposit, we will intervene with the owner to authenticate the claimed damage and mediate the dispute.

14. BEHAVIOUR: When you book accommodation through us, you accept responsibility for the proper conduct of all members of your party during your stay. Only persons stated on the booking form may use the accommodation day or night unless otherwise agreed in writing by us or the owner. Thalassa Villas or the Owner has the right to terminate rental without prior notice and without refund or compensation if the numbers are exceeded. A pro rata sum will automatically be deducted from your security deposit for any additional adults or children. We reserve the right at any time to terminate the stay of any party member(s) whose behaviour is such, in the reasonable opinion of the accommodation provider, as to cause or to be likely to cause danger, upset or distress to anyone else or damage to property. Full cancellation charges will then apply and no refund will be given. Furthermore, we shall be under no obligation whatsoever to pay compensation or meet any costs or expenses (including but not limited to alternative accommodation) you may occur as a result of your stay being terminated. If you cause damage to the accommodation in which you are staying, or you leave it in an excessively unclean state, you must fully reimburse the accommodation provider concerned for the cost of the damage/cleaning before the end of your stay if the cost has been established by then or as soon as it has been established if later. You must also indemnify us for the full amount of any claim (including all legal costs) made against us by the accommodation provider or any third party as a result. If you intend to organise a function, e.g. party or event, at the accommodation, you must seek prior written permission from us and the accommodation owner. Additional charges and/or an increased security deposit may be sought at the owner’s discretion.

15. BREAKAGES AND CLEANLINESS: Our accommodation is made available for letting on the understanding that the accommodation will be left clean and tidy at the time of check out and that all personal waste is removed from the accommodation. We do not check the accommodation on departure, but after the guests have left.

16. SECURITY AND VALUABLES: Any valuables left at the accommodation are left at your own risk. Neither Thalassa Villas nor the Owner is responsible for any loss. Most of the accommodation has safes and or security alarms so please use them. It is your responsibility to ensure all doors and windows are closed and locked when leaving the accommodation, or when by the poolside/in the grounds. If theft or damage to the owner’s property occurs through negligence on your part, the owner is entitled to seek compensation from you. No refund can be given should you decide to vacate the property as a consequence of burglary.

17. COMPLAINTS: In the event you are disappointed with the accommodation, you must first contact Thalassa Villas by telephone on the day of arrival, who will then attempt to resolve the problem. Note: You cannot be moved because you do not like the location. If you vacate the accommodation before the departure date, you will not be entitled to a refund. Neither we, nor the owner can be held responsible for noise or disturbance originating beyond the boundaries of the accommodation or which is beyond the owner’s control. In the event that a source of reasonably obvious noise has been in existence prior to your arrival and we are informed of this, we will contact you to inform you of the disturbance. If you have a problem during your stay, please inform Thalassa Villas immediately, who will endeavour to put things right. You should also try to find a solution whilst you're there. If your complaint is not resolved locally, please follow this up within 28 days of your return home by writing to our Customer Services Department at 1, Aitolon Str., 7100, Aradippou, Larnaca, Cyprus giving your booking reference and all other relevant information. Please keep your letter concise and to the point. This will assist us to identify your concerns quickly and speed up our response to you. If you fail to follow this simple procedure we will have been deprived of the opportunity to investigate and rectify your complaint whilst you were in resort and this may affect your rights under this contract. Please bear in mind that we are only liable to compensate you in line with these booking conditions - in particular clause 10 above makes clear that our obligation is to choose the accommodation provider with reasonable skill and care.

18. PROPERTY DESCRIPTION: Thalassa Villas take reasonable care to ensure that advertised property descriptions supplied by the owner and by Thalassa Villas are accurate and complete. Any changes are updated immediately and the guests advised. Owners reserve the right to make modifications to the property specification that are considered necessary in light of operating requirements. In the interest of continual improvement, owners reserve the right to alter furniture, amenities, facilities, or any part of any activities, either advertised or previously available, without any prior notice.

Distances given are approximate. Times are approximate, based on driving and or walking.

Where an inventory is provided, it is in your own interest to see that this is accurate so that any loss/damage is not wrongly attributed. Please inform us of any discrepancies/malfunctions within 24hours of arrival, after which time you will be deemed responsible.

All accommodation operates a strict NO SMOKING policy. Should we feel it is necessary to clean curtains etc., to remove cigarette smell or paint walls etc., after your departure, you will be charged and it be taken from your security deposit.

Whilst we try to ensure that many of our properties are equipped with WiFi internet access, we cannot be held liable for any malfunctions or technical problems with Internet Service Providers.

In properties equipped with air conditioning, this will only be effective if all doors and windows are closed whilst it is running. Neither we nor the owner can be held responsible for non-effective air conditioning if this simple procedure is not followed. The Owner may also levy an additional charge if electricity consumption is above the seasonal average due to non-adherence to this guideline.

19. ACCESS: Thalassa Villas employees have a right to access the accommodation property during your stay if regular or non-urgent maintenance is required. Pool maintenance staff may enter the grounds during your stay, normally very early in the morning.

20. ADDITIONAL SERVICES AT EXTRA COST: Payment for additional services you may require is normally made locally. If the supplier asks us to collect and pass on such deposits to them this does not give rise to any liability on our part for these services.

Bed linen and towels but not beach towels are included in all accommodation. This is normally changed at the end of each week. If you require more frequent changes you should request this at the time of booking, for which there will be an additional cost.

Electricity and usually end of stay cleaning charges are normally included in all prices. Electricity usage is based on average readings of meters in previous rental periods. Excessive usage will be charged for, particularly air conditioning in the summer. Heating for swimming pools will be charged extra. Changes to the booking form will incur a supplementary charge of EUR 25.00.

Items which are not included in the price will be pointed out at time of booking.

21. SWIMMING POOLS: Please note that swimming pools carry their own inherent risks. Upon arrival at the accommodation you and all the members of your party must take time to familiarise yourselves with the location, layout and depths of the swimming pool. Please take note of the pool warning signs and other instructions for use, which may be displayed. Young children must not be allowed to wander unaccompanied in the grounds of the accommodation where there is a swimming pool. Your swimming pool is cleaned twice a week during a scheduled service by pool technicians. Should you request further cleans you will be charged for this service at a cost of EUR 35.00 per visit.

22. HEALTH AND SAFETY: We ask guests to familiarise themselves upon arrival at the accommodation with all health and safety features such as house alarms, fire alarms and extinguishers.

23. PETS AND ANIMALS: We operate a strict NO ANIMALS policy. Under no circumstances are pets or animals of any kind to be taken into any accommodation at any time. Should we discover that this has not been adhered to, we will charge for full cleaning and sanitisation. This will be charged to your credit/debit card on file.

24. PRIVACY POLICY: Thalassa Villas is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. This privacy policy explains how we use the information we collect about you, how you can instruct us if you prefer to limit the use of that information and procedures that we have in place to safeguard your privacy. Please read the following privacy policy to understand how we use and protect the information that you provide to us. By registering or making an enquiry on this website, you consent to the collection, use and transfer of your information under the terms of the policy.

25. INFORMATION THAT WE COLLECT FROM YOU: When you visit or register on any of our websites, you may be asked to provide certain information about yourself including your name and contact details. We may also collect information about your usage of our websites as well as information about you from messages you post to the websites and emails or letters you may send to us.

26. USE OF YOUR INFORMATION: Your information will enable us to provide you with access to all parts of our websites and to supply the services you have requested. It will also enable us to bill you and to contact you where necessary concerning your requests. We will also use and analyse the information we collect so that we can administer, support, improve and develop our business. In particular, we may use your information to contact you for your views on our services and to notify you occasionally about important changes or developments to the websites or our services. Further, where you have consented, we might also use your information to let you know by email, about other products and services which we offer which may be of interest to you. If you change your mind about being contacted in future, please let us know.

27. SECURITY AND DATA PROTECTION: We employ security measures to protect your information from access by unauthorised persons and against unlawful processing, accidental loss, destruction and damage. We will retain your information for a reasonable period or as long as the law requires.

28. CHANGES TO OUR PRIVACY POLICY: Any changes to our privacy policy in the future will be posted to the website and, where appropriate, through email notification. Thalassa Villas reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time without notice.

29. SEVERABILITY: If any of these terms and Conditions or any provisions of a Contract are determined by any competent authority to be invalid, unlawful or unenforceable to any extent, such term, condition or provision will to that extent be severed from the remaining terms, conditions and provisions which will continue to be valid to the fullest extent permitted by law.

19. ENTIRE AGREEMENT: These terms and conditions and any document expressly referred to in them represent the entire agreement between us, the Owner and you in relation to the subject matter of any Contract and supersede any prior agreement, understanding or arrangement, whether oral or in writing. We each acknowledge that, in entering into a Contract, none of us has relied on any representation, undertaking or promise given by the other or be implied from anything said or written in negotiations prior to such Contract except as expressly stated in these terms and conditions. No party will have any remedy in respect of any untrue statement made by a party, whether orally or in writing, prior to the date of any Contract (unless such untrue statement was made fraudulently) and a party's only remedy will be for breach of contract as provided in these terms and conditions.

20. OUR RIGHT TO VARY THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS:  We have the right to revise and amend these terms and conditions from time to time. You will be subject to the policies and terms and conditions in force at the time that you book a Property from our site, unless any change to those policies or these terms and conditions is required to be made by law or governmental authority (in which case it will apply to bookings previously placed by you), or if we notify you of the change to those policies or these terms and conditions before we send you the Letting Confirmation (in which case we have the right to assume that you have accepted the change to the terms and conditions, unless you notify us to the contrary within seven working days of receipt by you of the Letting Confirmation).