Health And Safety

Thalassa Villas is insuring among other recommendations to the property owners a preferred code of practice with certain minimum standards that have to be met for this to happen.

The minimum safety requirements include:

- Fire detection and prevention equipment together with notices about what to do in event of fire.
- Two smoke alarms (Kitchen and lounge).
- A fire extinguisher.
- A fire blanket.
- A fire safety sign.
- A pool safety sign.
- CO2 detectors in properties with gas appliances.
- Eye-level safety stickers on glass doors.
- Handrails on all staircases.
- Installation of all equipment.

Insurance companies have announced they will no longer pay out on insurance claims for fire-damaged properties where no basic fire protection has been properly installed. It is therefore strongly advisable that your property conforms to these minimum travel industry safety requirements.